GooReader - read and download Google Books

Windows software that allows to download Google Books to PDF, read them offline, manage them in your local Library.

Read Google Books online and offline

GooReader provides a sweet interface for reading free books and magazines from Google Books. Instead of awkward page scrolling in your browser you can get pleasure of reading on your desktop in the same way as you read hardcover books or paperback magazines. You can select one of the available reading views and browse books by TOC.

Download Google Books to PDF and EPUB

Sometimes you may need to print Google Books or read them offline when you don't have the internet connection. Besides, most people love to read books on mobile devices (like iPad or Android tablets) or popular e-Book readers (like Kindle or Kobo). GooReader allows to automatically save books and magazines to PDF files and read them offline. If EPUB version for a book is available on Google Books, you can download it as well.

Create Local Library, add Bookmarks

In GooReader you can create a local Library, containing Google Books and PDF books, located on your computer. When you add a new book, Gooreader automagically creates its cover and shows book metadata. Besides for all books you save to your Local Library bookmarks are automatically created, and the next time when you open a book, it opens on the bookmarked page.


What are the system requirements?

GooReader works on Windows 7,8,10, 11.

Do I need a Google Account to use the program?

No, all free and preview books on Google Books are available for unregistered users.

What books can I download?

You can download only free books on Google Books. For books with preview pages you can download only those preview pages. You CAN'T download purchased books from your Google Play Books account.

How can I see in search results, which books have preview pages or full text?

In GooReader's search results the books with full view are marked with green label, books with preview pages - with yellow label and books with no preview - with red label. You can also check the box in the search settings to filter the books without full view.

I can't open all book pages. On some pages I see "You have either reached a page that is unavailable...". What can I do?

It means that you a reading a book with limited preview and not all book pages are available on Google Books. You can't open unavailable pages in Gooreader.

How can I open a specific book from Google Books in GooReader?

You can either search for that book by title or open it by Book_ID. You can copy the Book_ID from the book page URL (For example: URL = -> Book_ID = mbBn8u1bNesC). Enter the Book_ID in the search box and press the "Search" button.

Can I search and copy book text in exported PDF files?

No, because pages are saved as scanned images.

Can I read my own PDF and EPUB books in GooReader?

Yes, Gooreader is a comfortable app for reading PDF and EPUB books. You can also manage small PDF-libraries in Gooreader. You can drag-n-drop books in the local library to change their position. But if you have a big e-library with different ebook formats - we recommend to use one of dedicated book organizers like Alfa Ebooks Manager.

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